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Every shipment is different. That’s why we offer customized coverage for each client, big, or small; constantly or occasionally — if you can ship it, we can insure it.

Falvey Shippers proudly provides the highest claims capacity and broadest coverage in the industry. Our access to world-class underwriters through Falvey Cargo Underwriting allows us to cover all risks, and all types of goods. Our industry-leading system can instantly quote and bind coverage for everything from highly sensitive electronics to clothing and apparel.

Whether you typically ship through major parcel carriers, or traffic larger shipments in LTL or FTL volumes via freight carriers — no matter what you ship, we have you covered.

Our Coverage

No deductibles

Door-to-Door coverage including loading / unloading

Protects against all risks of direct physical loss or damage

Full-value reimbursement for lost or damaged shipments

Coverage for loss or damage arising out of spoilage available

Worldwide coverage, with any carrier

Coverage for catastrophic perils including flood, wind, quake, etc.

Coverage for freight or parcel by any conveyance, including road, rail, ocean, and air

Freight Reimbursement


Common Limits Include:


Why All-Risk Insurance?

Under the Carmack Amendment, carriers have a legal financial responsibility to their customers when goods are lost or damaged, but only in certain circumstances, and only up to a certain amount. The Limited Liability coverage provided through your carrier will only reimburse damage or loss up to $100 in most cases for individual parcels, or for cents on the pound of the total weight for larger freight shipments—and only when you, the shipper, can prove a loss was directly attributable to carrier negligence.

Whether you typically ship through major parcel carriers, or traffic larger shipments in LTL or FTL volumes via freight carriers, the common limits and restrictions through your carrier’s Limited Liability Insurance amounts to a significant amount of risk and financial loss for the shipper, and has potential for lasting consequences — not just from a monetary standpoint, but from a relationship standpoint as well.

Compare the benefits of Falvey Shippers All-Risk Coverage below:

Door-to-Door Coverage Limits liability to the time only in which goods are in the care of the carrier
Pays regardless of shipper’s ability to prove carrier negligence as causation of loss Shipper must prove loss or damage is the direct result of carrier negligence
Pays for losses outside of carrier’s control Extensive defenses and exclusions for loss and damage as the result of external factors, such as Acts of God
Pays shipper for full value of lost or damaged goods Financial responsibility only up to limits set by the carrier on their Bill of Lading
Typical Claim Duration Claims paid within 7-10 days on average, once supporting documentation received Claims settled within 120 days on average, once supporting documentation received
  • Their loss prevention services go above and beyond the competition providing my customers with the peace of mind they need. Added to that is their clear policy language and straightforward claims handling process. I know, and my customers know, that with a Falvey Cargo Insurance Policy, you’ll never get the run-around.

    — Nationally Recognized Broker

  • Falvey Cargo is always our go-to for transit needs. Thanks for being so responsive and helping us provide solutions that meet the client's need.

    — Regional Broker