Shipping Insurance Made Simple

Don’t change the way you ship, change the way you insure. Our lightweight integration, shipAssured, makes adding customized, All-Risk Shipping Insurance to any kind of shipment fast, efficient, and hassle-free by integrating directly within your existing shipping software.

We believe in the power of simplicity, so shipAssured is designed with the busy shipper in mind. Any shipment can be automatically quoted and insured for its full value with a single click. The entire process is automated, so there is nothing to print or add to your packing materials, and no extra paperwork to manage—you just click it, ship it and forget it.

Industry-Leading Coverage Customization & Flexibility

Falvey Shippers offers completely customizable policies tailored to your specific needs. Competing shipping insurance providers don’t have the same underwriting access and pedigree that enable Falvey Shippers to fine-tune specific adjustments on policies, which means shippers are forced to select from generic, per-defined policies that don’t necessarily match your unique circumstances or requirements. Falvey Shippers’ policies are powered by multiple rating engines, allowing us to make the changes, exceptions, and amendments necessary to provide you with a totally custom policy—all directly through our automated system.

Total Coverage at Low Cost

Peace of mind is priceless, but we believe in providing our clients with the best value in the market. Shippers of all sizes and types can save up to 90% on their current insurance rates through the carrier, and receive broader coverage at the same time. Falvey Shippers offers on-demand, competitively priced policies to support your customers with tailored coverage that meets their unique shipping needs. By integrating Falvey Shippers’ shipAssured solution into your current software, you can ensure that your customers receive the most convenient and complete service possible, all at industry-leading rates made possible by our Lloyd’s-backed policies.

Insure with Any Carrier, Worldwide

Whether you ship through a freight carrier, or a major parcel service like UPS, FedEx, or the USPS, Falvey Shippers makes adding insurance to any shipment simple.

Falvey Shippers works with any carrier, anywhere, any time. Our system integrates directly with your existing shipping process, and doesn’t require any external input from the carrier itself, leaving you free to ship as you please, with whomever you please.

As soon as you click to insure a new shipment, our automated system, shipAssured, will generate a certificate of insurance that protects your goods with no additional work to be done by you or your carrier, so no matter who you ship with, we make insuring your freight or parcel as fast and easy as pressing a button.

Easy Claims, Fast Payout

When a shipment is lost or damaged, it can take months before your claim is settled under a carrier’s limited liability. More than half of all carrier liability claims are denied entirely, and the shipper receives nothing. In the other half of cases, a judgement in your favor only guarantees a fraction of the total value of the shipment. In the meantime, this lost revenue and disruption to your supply chain can have dramatic and lasting ramifications on your business.

  • Do you ship individual or small-quantity items through major parcel services like UPS, FedEx, or the USPS, in values exceeding $100?
  • Do you ship high-value goods in LTL quantities?
  • Does the value of your typical FTL shipment exceed $100,000?
  • Can you afford to absorb the financial burden of a lost or damaged shipment for 3+ months while awaiting a settlement on your carrier liability claim?
  • If your carrier liability claim is denied in the event of a partial or total loss—as they often are in more than half of all cases—how long and how many new sales would it take to recoup a total loss?

With these considerations in mind, shippers are at much higher risk when relying exclusively on carrier liability coverage. Falvey Shippers cuts through the red tape to better protect your shipment, and get you paid faster. Our average claim is settled in just 7-10 days once supporting documentation is submitted, compared to 3+ months on average through a carrier’s limited liability. We help you get the money you need, when you need it, and will even offset the additional financial burden that comes with a lost shipment. This translates to happier customers, faster sales recovery, and minimized disruption to your daily operations.

With 30 years of institutional knowledge behind our team of in-house claims specialists, Falvey Shippers has the expertise to conduct a thorough yet speedy claims handling process. We focus on resolving every claim as quickly and efficiently as possible, so our clients can focus on running their business.

Unparalleled Security, Highest Capacity

Falvey Shippers’ policies are 100% secured by Lloyd’s of London. With the highest capacity in the industry, we offer a full binding authority of $5MM on any one conveyance. For our clients, this translates to getting the limits they need, with the ability to bind it quickly, and no question that claims will be settled.

The ratings stated below are independent opinions of Falvey Shippers’ financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations:

  • A.M. Best rating of “A” (Excellent)
  • Fitch rating of “AA-” (Very Strong)
  • S&P rating of “A+” (Strong)

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Shipping Software

No matter what type of shipping platform you use to manage shipments, our shipAssured software integration is designed to be flexible enough to work with any configuration you might currently have in place—from major third party solutions to proprietary software designed specifically for your business.

With just one click you can generate a comprehensive custom policy that covers shipments instantly, all without leaving your shipping interface. Our shipping insurance API seamlessly works alongside your software, so you can avoid the hassle of re-keying data multiple times across multiple views or platforms.

shipAssured makes setup and integration with your current shipping software fast and easy. In order to ensure that the process goes smoothly, Falvey Shippers offers complete, technical support free of charge to our clients.

Online Coverage, Even Without Integration

An integration with your shipping software isn’t necessary to access our full-value, all-risk insurance. Our policies are available online through our on-demand shipAssured Gateway. Simply sign-in to our secure portal to request a quote. The shipAssured Gateway is designed for shippers to easily complete a one-off transaction, or for those not yet ready for a full integration.

  • What I value most is Falvey Cargo’s responsiveness. They will follow up with me well in advanced of a renewal, and they will send a quote and bind faster than of their competitors. They definitely help make my life easier as a broker and that’s a big plus at the end of the day.

    — Nationally Recognized Broker

  • Falvey Cargo is always our go-to for transit needs. Thanks for being so responsive and helping us provide solutions that meet the client's need.

    — Regional Broker