Change the Way You Insure

Our lightweight integration, shipAssured, makes adding customized, All-Risk Shipping Insurance to any kind of shipment fast, efficient, and hassle-free by integrating directly within your existing shipping software.

We believe in the power of simplicity, so shipAssured is designed with the busy shipper in mind. Any shipment can be automatically quoted and insured for its full value with a single click. The entire process is automated, so you never have to re-key your data or do any additional work — you just click it, ship it and forget it.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Shipping Software

Whether you use a TMS, VMS, WMS, or eCommerce platform to manage shipments, our shipAssured software integration is designed to be flexible enough to work with any configuration you might currently have in place—from major third party solutions to proprietary software designed specifically for your business.

With just one click you can generate a comprehensive custom policy that covers shipments instantly, all without leaving your shipping software. Our plug-and-play shipping insurance widget is installed right alongside your shipping form, so you can avoid the hassle of re-keying data multiple times across multiple views or platforms.

shipAssured makes setup and integration with your current shipping software fast and easy. In order to ensure that the process goes smoothly, Falvey Shippers offers complete, 24-hour technical support free of charge to our clients.


API Integration

Transactional processing for a high volume of shipments

Shipping information is transmitted automatically from your shipping software

Instant quotes and purchase of coverage directly from your shipping interface

Certificate of Insurance emailed directly to the customer/shipper

Native claims tracking and filing – allowing shippers to submit, track, and manage claims directly through their existing system

Not ready for full integration?

All of our services can be easily accessed through our shipAssured Gateway.

Gateway button

Benefits At-A-Glance

Save up to 90% on insurance rates through the carrier with policies powered by multiple rating engines, allowing us to make the necessary changes, exceptions, and amendments to provide you with a totally custom policy not available anywhere else — all without leaving our automated system.

Any shipment can be automatically quoted and insured for its full value with a single click via an API that bolts directly onto your existing shipping software.

As soon as you click to insure a new shipment, our automated system will generate a Certificate of Insurance that protects your goods with no additional work to be done by you or the carrier, so no matter who you ship with, we make insuring your freight or parcel as fast and easy as pressing a button.

Enjoy peace of mind by insulating you and your customers from unnecessary risk created by insufficient and unreliable liability coverages offered through the carrier.

Not Ready For Full Integration?

An integration with your shipping software isn’t necessary to access our full-value, all-risk insurance. Our policies are available online through our on-demand shipAssured Gateway. Simply go online, sign-in to our secure portal to request a quote. The shipAssured Gateway is designed for shippers to easily complete a one-off transaction, or for those not yet ready for a full integration.

shipAssured Gateway & Management Console

Insure any shipment through a secure online portal

Ability to print or edit any Certificate of Insurance

Submit or check the status of any claim

Access to extensive managerial reporting, including invoicing and loss reports

Batch Reporting

Interval-based reporting for high-volume shippers processed daily, weekly, or monthly

Data scraped and aggregated directly from your shipping manifest or customized reports